woman completing Washington state divorce paper online

Washington State Divorce Papers Online

Divorce is a difficult decision and a complicated process to go through. You and your spouse will have to learn about and deal with various steps, without which a court cannot end your marriage. And not a lot of couples realize that finding and completing divorce forms in Washington state is one of the hardest steps of all.

Even if you and your spouse get along and can file for uncontested or joint marriage dissolution, you still have quite a few Washington state divorce documents to work on. What are your options?

divorce with lawyer option
Option #1
Hiring a lawyer.

Some couples prefer hiring an attorney and getting professional assistance with their divorce papers in Washington state. The average cost of a lawyer in WA state is approximately $270 per hour, so even in the simplest scenario, you will have to pay around $4,000-$5,000.  

diy divorce option
Option #2
DIY divorce.

Sometimes spouses want to save their money and try a DIY option, not knowing that it will not save their time. The problem is that if you deal with divorce on your own, it means that you will have to search for all the information on your own too. You will not only have to look for the up-to-date forms that are relevant to your case but also find out where to file and what should be your next steps.

online divorce option
Option #3
Online Divorce

High attorney costs and the complexity of the process force people to look for other ways out. That’s why many US couples get divorce paperwork in Washington state You can get the full package of court-approved documents chosen and filled out to match your family situation and agreements. And you will only have to pay $139 for it!

One more sufficient advantage of an online service is that you will get a step-by-step filing guide. All you need to do is fill in our simplified questionnaire, make payment, and get your paperwork in 5 days.

Printable Divorce Papers for WA: Free Download

You will find the most common printable divorce papers in pdf below. Note that these are not all the forms you might require, but only the most important ones. In fact, there are dozens of documents a couple may need depending on their situation. When it comes to county-specific forms, you may find and print free divorce papers online on the official website of your local court.

You will have to review all the available WA divorce papers to find those that would be mandatory for you to file. It’s crucial to be careful as some forms are mandatory regardless of your family situation. The process of filling out the forms also requires due attention. You need to make sure that all the information you write down is true, up-to-date, full, and mistake-free. Any issues with the abovementioned aspects may get you into trouble with the court or hurt you later when the judge reviews your agreements. If you are not sure how to work with these blank divorce papers in pdf, you can always contact our service and get professional help quickly and at an affordable price.