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Save your time and money by getting help with Washington divorce online. It’s a quick and affordable way to end your marriage without hiring a lawyer! Get filled out Washington state divorce papers online at a flat fee of only $139!

File for Divorce in Washington State Online in a Few Simple Steps

A divorce process in Washington can be both cheap and easy if you and your spouse manage to come to a full agreement and make your marriage dissolution uncontested. In this case, you won’t have to hire a lawyer and, therefore, can save thousands of dollars.

However, filing for divorce in WA without a lawyer can also be a challenge when it comes to paperwork. If you have never dealt with legal issues, collecting and filling out the documents will be a real challenge for you. Getting a divorce in Washington online with a reliable company is a perfect solution for those who want to have a quick process. Our service has been on the market for over a decade now and is happy to assist you with your divorce paperwork!

What to Do

Here is the divorce in Washington state steps you will have to take if you choose to work with us:

completing divorce forms
Step 1.

Answer a few questions that will help you determine whether you qualify for an uncontested divorce. There will be some preliminary questions before you can proceed with the payment.

divorce questionnaire
Step 2.

Complete the main questionnaire by providing the information needed to fill out your forms. We minimized the number of questions and added hints to ease the process.

receive divorce documents via email
Step 3.

Expect to get your papers via email within 5 days. If you’re in a rush, choose one of our extras to get your forms prepared ASAP.

man filing for divorce in court
Step 4.

File for divorce using filing instructions. With our detailed filing guide that we will send you along with your documents, you will surely cope with this process successfully.

Ready to Start your divorce?

Get Your Divorce Forms Completed Online

When you decide to file on your own, it means that you have to find all the divorce forms in WA that may be needed for your case. For instance, if you have properties that you plan to divide, you must find and fill out all the related documents. In every instance, there are different sets of additional forms that you might require. Here are the most common divorce papers in Washington:

  • Petition for Divorce
  • Summons
  • Confidential Information Form
  • Child Support Order (if you have children)
  • Financial Declaration
A more affordable, stress-free, and easier solution.

Please note that these are only the basic uncontested divorce forms for Washington marriage dissolution. Finding all the necessary ones is often a challenge for those trying DIY divorce. The reason is that you may find old forms that were already updated a few times and may have missing parts. Or you may fill out some Washington state divorce forms incorrectly as some questions there are confusing. Even if only one paper was filled out the wrong way or you have not followed the proper legal process, you’ll have to start the filing all over again. In order to avoid such inconvenience, many couples choose to work with online companies.

There are many benefits to working with services like ours. First of all, you will get a full set of forms filled out for your case. All you have to do to get your Washington divorce forms is fill out a brief and straightforward questionnaire. Even if you need paperwork covering custody and support of your minor children, a flat fee of $139 remains the same! Besides, all the forms that we provide are court-approved, and with our filing guide, you won’t miss any important steps. Start now and get a quick divorce in Washington state!

How to Fill Out Washington Divorce Papers?

In order to get your Washington state divorce papers online, you will have to provide the following information in the questionnaire:

This information is vital for our system to fill out your uncontested divorce papers online.

Compare Your Options for Uncontested Divorce in Washington state

divorce with lawyer option
Option #1
Divorce With a Lawyer​
online divorce option
Option #2
Online Divorce
diy divorce option
Option #3
DIY divorce

Customer Testimonials

Check the recent Washington online divorce reviews our customers have left on the website:

"Thank you guys, I really could not handle this without your help...amazing service, my documents were finally accepted by the court! A perfect option if you’re on a budget."
Wiley Bibeau
Wiley Bibeau
Revenue agent
"This company managed to make my divorce less awful and much more affordable than I could ever thought! I really could not imagine that it can be that easy. Totally recommend!"
Olive White
Olive White
Certified athletic trainer
"Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford to hire a lawyer but that was actually a blessing! Found this service, was suspicious at first but the reviews were good and I went for it. Best decision I’ve made so far! Happily divorced and starting my new life!"
Lillian Batten
Lillian Batten
ESOL teacher

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can get an easy divorce in Washington state without a lawyer if you meet the residency requirements of the state and are in full agreement with your spouse. As you have already decided how to divide your property, who’ll take care of the children, and what financial obligations you’ll have for one another, there is no need for a lawyer to get involved. Our online service will gladly help you with your divorce paperwork and give you some filing instructions as guidance.

First, you need to make sure that you qualify for uncontested marriage dissolution. Then, you will have to fill out the forms, file them with the court, and serve the copies on your spouse. Finally, attend the court hearing and wait until the judge signs the Findings of Fact and Decree of Dissolution.

You must file the documents with the Superior Court or the Family Court in the county where you live. This can be done only by a person who initiates a divorce (the petitioner) in their place or residency.

The basic forms needed to initiate a marriage dissolution are Petition for Divorce (Dissolution), Confidential Information Form, and Summons. You will need more forms depending on the specifics of your case.

If you choose to cooperate with a lawyer, the cost may be as high as $12,000-$20,000. If you and your spouse are in full agreement with each other, you can get a cheap divorce in Washington state with help from our service. The cost of the filled-out forms will be only $139. Please note that you will also need to cover the court fees, which vary depending on the county and are paid separately when filing.